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A new level of story map hierarchy

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Version 7.0

We’ve introduced a powerful new way to visualise your scope of work. Configure a third level hierarchy in your story map to group your epics and issues by the initiative you choose.

You could use the third level of hierarchy in the story map to group stages in the user journey, or to group epics and issues by product features; anything aligned with an initiative type that you have configured in Jira.

We think this third level of hierarchy will help teams, product owners, and business owners alike gain a better understanding of the scope and progress of work. Using the story map to visualise how initiatives are broken down into epics and issues will give all stakeholders a clearer picture of work required, completed, and yet to come.

Advice on how to configure your story map hierarchy is available in our User Story Maps user documentation.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the first release of this new feature! Send your thoughts to

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