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Improvement Bug Fix Cloud Server/DC Programs

Easier set up and editing + UX Improvements (v.5.3.0)

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Easy Agile Programs and all our plug-ins essentially extend Jira - they are set up using the data from your underlying Jira instance and agile boards in Jira.

With this release, we have made it easier to understand how your Program is set up using Jira data and have made improvements to simplify the configuration process.

Creating and editing a Program

Boards in Jira are the foundation to configuring your Program. A Jira Software Board represents each team to be included in the Program, a board needs to be chosen as the source of Roadmap issues (features), and another board as the source for third level issues (those issues that will represent higher level business initiatives.)

When creating a new Program, a step-by-step configuration highlights how each of these are populated in your Program, and your 'Edit Program' screen reflects these choices and what they mean in practice.

Also included in these configuration improvements:

  • Date syncing: instead of having different dates per increment, date syncing is now a global setting that can be modified via the 'Edit Program' screen

  • Parent linking can now be used when the roadmap issue source for a program is configured to be any any issue types can be used from a dedicated board

These improvements enhance compatibility with Advanced Roadmaps - as parent linking is the default link type often used to connect user stories to the feature level. Enabling date syncing means all issues created or edited within Easy Agile Programs will be reflected elsewhere in Jira / Advanced Roadmaps - and vice versa. Always synced and up to date.

Additional Improvements

  • Delete program functionality is now restricted to Jira / System Administrators to avoid people accidentally deleting a program

  • Search on the Program List is available to make it easier to find your program

  • UX improvements to the look and feel of the Program Board

Performance and bug fixes

  • Bug fix for roadmap search not returning results for complex board filters when searching by project key

For more information or questions, please visit our help centre or contact the Easy Agile support team.

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