Improvement Cloud Server/DC Programs PI Planning & SAFe

Editing improvements

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Version 4.2.0

Edit sprint count (19 customer votes)

Need to shorten the current PI just in time for the Christmas period? You can now adjust the sprint count to accommodate. This is in addition to our previous release where you were able to edit the sprint start date and sprint length.

editing improvements.jpg

Ability to edit sprints from Team Planning Board

Teams using team managed sprints can now edit sprints directly from the Team Planning Board, including the option to select a closed sprint.


Add your team to multiple programs (16 customer votes)

Teams that work across more than one ART, such as a shared services team, can now be added to multiple Programs.

Filter the Program Board by Feature

Want to see the issues linked to a feature across multiple teams with a simple click?

You can now select a feature/epic and only the issues linked to that epic will appear in the team swimlanes beneath, to make it easier than before to see who is working on what.


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