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Dependencies map now available on Program board

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team
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Enabling teams to avoid delays

The introduction of the Dependencies map on the Program Board marks an advancement in how Release Train Engineers, Agile Coaches, and team leads can manage and visualize dependencies during PI planning and weekly sync meetings.

Available on Cloud and DC V6.4.0, the Dependencies map allows the selection of dependency types and their associated issues to be displayed on the Program board. This provides a clearer view of dependencies between teams, features, and issues, highlighting those that may pose risks to the program.

The early identification of dependencies will enable teams to focus conversations and proactively address potential blockers, reducing the likelihood of delays and scheduling conflicts.

In the coming months, we will be announcing further enhancements to the Dependencies map. These updates will include the ability to filter out ‘done’ dependencies as well as the ability to identify issues with multiple dependencies or chains of issues with dependencies between them.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about dependencies map in our help documentation.

Bug fixes

This release also included bug fixes:

  • Sprint lengths are shown in wrong order on DC

  • Issues not showing in team objectives linked issues dropdown

  • Database throwing an exception on DC when trying to remove a team that has a confidence vote

  • Syncing Sprints fails after removing board from program

  • Issues that no longer match the board filter of a Program still show within the Program

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