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Introducing Easy Agile TeamRhythm (v.8.0.0)

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

We’re really excited to relaunch Easy Agile User Story Maps as Easy Agile TeamRhythm!

Building on the features that support sprint and version planning, backlog refinement, and user story mapping, we’ve added retrospective boards for scrum and kanban teams.

We've added retrospectives to help you and your team through more of the agile cycle, from planning through to review. The story map provides the visual context that makes planning and managing your work in Jira easier. Team retrospectives provide the insights and context that make working together as a team better. 

New: Team Retrospectives

We've found that regular team retrospectives help our teams work better together. By integrating retrospective boards in Easy Agile TeamRhythm, we aim to help you and your team continuously improve and deliver the software that your users value most.

The retrospective board in TeamRhythm sits alongside your work in Jira, so that retrospective items can be added as the sprint or version progresses. Action items from the retrospective can be turned into Jira issues so that items worth actioning aren’t lost at the end of the discussion.

How to get the update

If you’re working with a Cloud license, you’ll see the TeamRhythm update in your Jira site now.

If you’re working with a Server or Data Center license, you’ll need to update to access the new team retrospective features.

While you’ll see the name change to Easy Agile TeamRhythm on Atlassian Marketplace, the app key remains the same, so no need to install anything new.

Tell us what you think

We always value your feedback because the insights you share help us make our apps better. Please tell us what you think about the new retrospective function in Easy Agile TeamRhythm via

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