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Keeping teams aligned in Easy Agile Programs

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Adjust the duration of individual sprints in your PI

You may have noticed the usual duration of your PI and sprints impacted over the holiday period - meaning that the Program Board and Program Roadmap in Easy Agile Programs might not accurately reflect your teams' timings.

Previously, Easy Agile Programs only allowed you to choose a start and end date for your PI and the number of sprints - uniform in length.

Now you are able to implement custom sprint lengths to accommodate flexible planning - whether it’s for holiday periods, inspect and adapt sprints, or release periods.

With this release, teams will still be on the same cadence but can plan their work more accurately in alignment with calendar timings and different sprint lengths.

Confidence voting on the Program Board and Team Planning Board

Whether you're in quarterly planning, or breaking down committed features and estimating work in a team breakout session or sprint planning, this new confidence voting feature helps to gauge how the team is feeling about the plan and whether there is confidence to commit - and also deliver.

Confidence voting on the Program Board

Confidence voting on the Team Planning Board

Confidence voting in Easy Agile Programs is a a simple and interactive way to ensure the team is aligned on the plan's feasibility.

If adjustments are needed, you can easily reschedule issues, quick-create new issues or inline edit existing ones, break down larger issues into smaller ones and estimate accordingly - all with the confidence that what is scheduled, adjusted or created in Easy Agile Programs is reflected elsewhere in Jira in real-time.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about custom sprint lengths and confidence voting in our help documentation.

More visibility for risks and dependencies

Better understand and address dependencies

With this release, we are surfacing even more information to help you understand and address your dependencies. The Dependency details screen now shows:

  • Sprint (Scrum boards only)

  • Increment name (if the issue is part of a Program)

  • Program name (if the issue is part of a Program)

  • Board name (coming soon)

Highlight impediments during PI execution

RTEs and Scrum Masters may wish to highlight potential impediments to work in progress so they can flag these during PI execution and share the context of these at opportunities like ART syncs.

Easy Agile Programs already surfaces scheduling conflicts and dependencies in a highly visual way. Now you can highlight impediments manually by putting a flag on an issue on the Program Board or Team Planning Board to be able to highlight what needs to be discussed or escalated.

An example may be the risk of a third-party supplier not delivering on time, requirements not being ready or unclear, or budget constraints emerging.

Upgrade to version 6.0 of Easy Agile Programs to enjoy these features

Want to learn more?

Learn more about dependencies and impediments in our help documentation.

Other updates

  • Performance improvements on the Program Roadmap

  • UX improvement: team planner heading reduced

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