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Grouping Retrospective items
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Level up insights from team retrospectives with groups

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team
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When teams raise insights or learnings during a team retrospective, what we learn or need to change may be bigger than an individual team, a single action item, or go beyond the next sprint.

Team feedback and insights can be even more valuable when put together, as we can identify if there are any common themes or trends emerging that need to be addressed.

This is where the newest functionality in Easy Agile TeamRhythm - retrospective groups - can help!

Retrospective groups provide a custom container for Product Owners, Product Managers and teams to group together retrospective items.

This empowers teams to identify recurring or dominating themes in retrospectives, so that action plans can be created around action items, and themes can be addressed holistically to continuously improve.

When to create groups?

Before the retro ceremony

  • A Scrum Master, Product Owner or facilitator of the retro may like to create groups ahead of time to understand where to prioritize the discussion and how much time is needed - saving time during the retro itself. In this way, the retrospective group feature can help to triage where discussion is most valuable.

During the retro ceremony

  • As teams raise items, you may group these as you go along to raise similar items of discussion and collect insights. This helps common themes or trends emerge as the discussion progresses.

After the retro

  • While not recommended to do afterwards, the groups created during the retrospective ceremony are helpful afterwards to identify bigger picture insights to take forward or beyond the team to action.

On DC? Upgrade to version 11.0 to enjoy these features

Want to learn more?

Learn more about creating a retrospective group and managing them in our help documentation.

Other updates

This release also includes small improvements and bug fixes:

  • Enhanced the app to display properly even when it encounters missing description fields in retrospectives

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