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AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

With the end-of-life for Atlassian Server products fast approaching, many of our Server customers are making plans to migrate to Data Center or Cloud.

To make your migration as seamless as possible, we've released updates to support Easy Agile User Story Maps and Easy Agile Programs migration via Jira Site Import and JCMA.

Currently, JCMA is also available for Easy Agile Roadmaps.

It is crucial for any Easy Agile app that you have upgraded to the required version to be able to access the migration options, detailed for each app below:

Easy Agile User Story Maps - Version 7.4.0

While most of the data you view on the Story Map is saved in Jira and would continue to function once Jira migration is complete, settings for Saved Views, Issue Hierarchy, and recently introduced Card Configuration would need to be set up again….until now!

These migration pathways in the latest updates avoid the need to recreate your views, hierarchy or card settings. Once your migration is complete, all of your Story Map settings will be available for use.

Visit our help documentation for a step by step guide on migrating User Story Maps

Easy Agile Programs

Migration of your Easy Agile Programs app along with your Jira migration means that you will not need to recreate Programs, Increments, milestones, scheduled features and so much more.

Migration pathways are available for Easy Agile Programs on the following versions:

  • JCMA - Easy Agile Programs v4.4.0 or higher

  • Site Import/Export - Easy Agile Programs v4.5.0 or higher

Visit our help documentation for a step by step guide on migrating Easy Agile Programs

Easy Agile Roadmaps

Migrating Roadmaps data to Cloud using JCMA means your data related to theme swimlanes and date markers will be migrated also. Migration occurs on a project seletion, so the roadmaps data will only be migrated for the boards which belong to the Projects selecting during migration. You will need to be on Easy Agile Roadmaps v.4.3.0 or higher to access updates with the JCMA release.

What about Site Import for Easy Agile Roadmaps

If you have used Jira Site Import to migrate your Jira data, your Easy Agile Roadmaps data will also be safely migrated without any additional effort as it is safely stored in your Jira project.

Visit our help documentation for a step by step guide on migrating Easy Agile Roadmaps

Supporting your migration

The Easy Agile team and our network of partners are here to help you with your migration from Server to DC or Cloud. We’re also offering loyalty discounts when you migrate from Server to DC, and we’re part of the Atlassian Cloud Loyalty Discount Program and the Atlassian Dual Licensing Program.

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