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Improvement TeamRhythm Retrospectives

Put some style into your retrospective (v.8.4.0)

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Dull team retrospectives are a thing of the past when you add some retro bling.

We’re absolutely jazzed to announce that Easy Agile TeamRhythm 8.4.0 is now available on Atlassian Marketplace, because with this update we've launched our first set of retrospective templates.

Bring the shine to your next team retrospective; change things up and structure your retro in a different way. You’ll be surprised at how reframing your retrospective will help spark fresh ideas and create new solutions.

You now have three retrospective templates to choose from:

  1. The Foundation template, based on the Start, Stop, Continue style retrospective

  2. The Space Mission template, based on the Sailboat style retrospective

  3. The Get Rhythm template, based on the 4 L’s style retrospective

Jump in and try for yourself! If you’re Cloud hosted you’ll already see our retrospective templates now. If you’re Server or Data Centre hosted, you need to update to 8.4.0.

We love your feedback

We really sincerely do, because we’ve been applying it to make Easy Agile TeamRhythm better. Based on your feedback, we’ve implemented a few other improvements with this release:

  • Delete retrospective categories
    Created a retrospective category that you don’t use anymore? Now you can delete it.

  • Create an action item from a retrospective item
    Unsure what an action item relates to? Now you can create action items linked to retrospective items.

User instructions

If you’d like to see the ins-and-outs of how TeamRhythm retrospectives work, here are the links you need:

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