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Quick create epics and issues - anywhere!

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Version 6.5.0

Your favourite feature in Easy Agile User Story Maps just got better!

We know you love Easy Agile User Story Maps because it provides the context of being able to organise your backlog into epics and sprints for a holistic view of your team's work.

We're excited to share that you can now create both issues and epics right on the Story Map, and according to priority as the conversation unfolds.

Up until now issues could only be created on the Story Map at the bottom of the list of issues under an epic.

Some of our customers had dozens of issues underneath an epic in a sprint. We quickly understood how frustrating it was to have to scroll all the way to the bottom to create an issue, and then drag it into place according to priority.

With this release you can say goodbye to the dreaded scroll and hello to smoother sprint planning sessions. Easy Agile User Story Maps can keep up with the pace of your workflows and conversation, enabling quick and fluid pre-planning, sprint planning and backlog grooming sessions with one-touch issue creation.

We believe this is the easiest and fastest ways to create issues in Jira - big call we know!

Quick create issues and epics GIF

The result?
✅ Create, schedule and prioritise issues with one touch and one step
✅ Break down epics into stories and tasks within context
✅ A responsive tool for fluid and collaborative conversations

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