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Sprint customisation and user improvements

AUTHOR: The Easy Agile team

Version 4.1.0

Edit increment and sprint length

Need to change when the increment starts to accommodate a holiday period? Want to adjust the sprint length to accommodate your team's unique cadence?

The latest release of Easy Agile Programs allows you to do just that. Additionally sprint length and sprint count properties are storied at theincrement levelrather than theProgram levelto allow for a change of cadence during the length of the program.


Assignee is now visible on issue cards from the Team Planning Board to see which team member is working on which issues in a given sprint or increment.


What else have we improved?

  • Navigate to future increments from Programs List

  • Delete milestone moved to milestone modal

  • In addition to the Shared Team Features Swimlane, you can now collapse and expand team swimlanes on the Program Board


  • Conflict with Zephyr add-on causing our cards to display with no borders

  • Milestones bugfixes

  • Other minor bugfixes

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