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Server/DC Programs

Third level hierarchy beta (Server/DC)

TeamRhythm Sprint Planning

View Sub-tasks on Story Map

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TeamRhythm Sprint Planning

Re-order Third-level issues in Story Map

Server/DC TeamRhythm Retrospectives

Live updates for Retrospectives (Server/DC)

TeamRhythm Retrospectives

Provide anonymous feedback in retrospectives

TeamRhythm Sprint Planning

Filter Third-level Hierarchy using Components

TeamRhythm Sprint Planning

Configure Epics in Third-level Hierarchy

TeamRhythm Retrospectives

Add custom categories in retrospective items

Improvement TeamRhythm Sprint Planning

User Story Map - Delete Permissions


Team PI Objectives

Cloud TeamRhythm Programs

Support for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

TeamRhythm Programs

Support for Site Import / Backup

TeamRhythm Programs

Card configuration to add extra fields

New feature Cloud Server/DC Programs

Manage Scheduling Conflicts

New feature TeamRhythm Retrospectives

Retrospectives board view to conduct agile retrospectives


Improved Page Navigation

Server/DC Roadmaps

Jira 9 Compatability